Definition: “When a person’s look is overdone to the point of being unattractive, a makeunder can help them figure out how to rock a more natural look.” (Urban Dictionary)

Sample usage: “Trixie had dyed her hair so she looked like that 64-crayon Crayola box, and she put on makeup so poorly she looked like a survivor of an explosion in a Spackle factory. A makeunder was in order.”

Popularity: It’s been around for a few years; citations pop up from 2011. But it went mainstream last month with a Wall Street Journal headline: “Even Barbie wants a ‘makeunder.’ ” The use of “even” suggests it’s a popular thing, but putting the word in quotes means it still requires explanation.

Chance of catching on: It’ll probably be around until the word makeover gets a — well, you know.




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