Drivers confused by recent changes on Wooddale Avenue in Edina will get a gentle visual prod this week that two-way traffic is indeed OK on the re-striped road.

Weather permitting, the city will begin installing temporary reflective markers down the center of the street on Monday. Large signs that warned of the new road design are being removed.

This fall, Wooddale between W. 50th Street and Valley View Road was painted with "advisory" bike lanes marked with dashed white lines, and confusion ensued.

Drivers are supposed to drive in the advisory lanes unless cyclists are present. Then, they should hang behind bikers and wait for oncoming traffic to pass, then pass the cyclists.

But because the road had no center line and looked narrower, drivers sometimes drove straight at each other.

The city is sending a letter about the changes to area residents, and is sticking with the lanes. Edina is the second city in the nation to have such lanes, after Minneapolis.