Investigators have found the gun used to kill a man at an illegal club last month when a late night party turned violent, according to search warrants filed at Hennepin County District Court. The gun, concealed in a basement cabinet at the club at 3859 Fremont Av. N., carried female DNA on its surface, authorities reported in court documents.

No motive was given for the March 8 shootings that left Demetrius Lee Harper, 32, and Erick Felton, 23, dead. Harper was found dead inside the club; Felton was found lying on the sidewalk outside. The handgun was tied to Felton's death, authorites wrote in the warrant. 

Witnesses told authorities that at least three women were at the club that night. The search warrants were filed to gather DNA from two of the women. The third woman had already agreed to provide a DNA sample, according to the warrants.

The Fremont Avenue club had already become well-known as a neighborhood nuisance by the time the murders took place. City officials sent a letter to club operator Maurice L. Harrison on Nov. 30 ordering that he shut his unauthorized club down. Three citations followed along with $1,000 in fines as Harrison continued to operate what he called the Zodiac Biker's Club.

The city sent its last warning one week before gunfire broke out, killing Harper and Felton.