rubiolavineHere’s a weird stat: the Timberwolves this season won 15 games on the road. They’ve won 13 games at home heading into Wednesday’s season finale at Target Center against New Orleans (a game that has no lottery implications, by the way, since the Pelicans stayed two games clear of the Wolves).

The Wolves, then, will finish with a better road record than home record this season. And in doing so, they will be the first NBA team to accomplish — if that’s the right word — that feat since 2011-12. A couple of teams in the past three seasons had identical records home and away, but not since New Jersey was a whopping four games better on the road in 2011-12 has that happened.

It could just be a fluke. It could be a sign that for whatever reason the Wolves concentrate and flat-out play better on the road, where young players theoretically have fewer distractions.

But in a league in which home teams have historically won about 62 percent of the time, it’s still interesting. If the Wolves are to take a step forward next year, clearly playing better at home is a piece of the puzzle.

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