Playoff watch

Sunday is the final day of the WNBA regular season; the postseason begins Tuesday. Here is how the playoff matchups looked after Friday’s games (teams in all caps are locked into seeding):

First round (one game)

(7) LYNX at (6) Phoenix

(8) DALLAS at (5) Los Angeles

Second round (one game)

Low seed at (3) Washington

High seed at (4) Connecticut

Semifinals (best of five)

Low seed vs. (1) SEATTLE

High seed vs. (2) ATLANTA

Finals (best of five)

Semifinal winners

Sunday’s games

L.A. at Connecticut, 2 p.m.

Atlanta at Las Vegas, 5 p.m.

New York at Phoenix, 5 p.m.

Indiana at Chicago, 5 p.m.

Dallas at Seattle, 6 p.m.

Washington at Lynx, 6 p.m.