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CP: Even a slow-to-anger man like my father occasionally would fly off the handle. When he did so, it was sometimes intro’d by the phrase, “that really chaps my ass.” Which I don’t think we can even say in the newspaper. But is there a thing or two that you are finding highly annoying of late?


RN: Minnesota drivers. After a few summer motor trips, I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in this state grasps the purpose and proper use of the passing lane.


CP: I hate those hefty Yellow Pages that show up in plastic bags on my doorstep with inexplicable frequency. They are as welcome as a hangnail, as useful as a plastic knife on a tough steak, and I have been unable to remove my address from the delivery list.


RN: Despite the fear of being ostracized by my fellow preservationistas, I’m mystified by the plan to maintain the status quo, design-wise, at Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. When is the last time, outside Sommerfest, that you saw more than 10 people there? 1997? Start over, please.


CP: Shocked I am that someone with your hatred of teardowns is all gung-ho about razing that historic 1970s-era sump pump.


RN: I’ll reserve my surprise and disdain for the way the planned Southwest LRT line sidetracks the boom town that is Uptown.


CP: Sometimes, hate turns to love. That’s the case at the St. Anthony Main Theater. I’ve groused plenty about the crummy condition of the last first-run movie theater in Minneapolis, and now they are putting $2 million into new seats and renovations. How refreshing to read co-owner John Rimarcik admitting, “We have the worst seats in town.” But I digress.


RN: I’m ignoring your insensitive ban on mentioning the Department Store Formerly Known as Dayton’s. Would it kill Macy’s to treat 700 Nicollet Mall as the flagship that it is? Downtown’s vitality depends upon it.


CP: What is it this time? Jeans not folded just so, like you had to do them at County Seat?


RN: I know, I’m a freak. It starts with the main floor’s historic Waterford chandeliers, neglected and dirty. George Draper Dayton never meant for it to be that way.


CP: I feel nothing but antipathy for barking dogs, and their do-nothing owners.


RN: Not to rub it in, but our lovely new neighbors have the loveliest no-bark pooch, Chloe. I adore her. My pet peeve is the incessant discussion of the 2016 presidential campaign. I mean, the last one ended less than a year ago. Let’s leave it alone for a while. Please.


CP: More funny than annoying, but cellphones are designed to work just fine when we use our NORMAL SPEAKING VOICE, PEOPLE!


RN: And remember: We don’t text while behind the wheel. Ever.


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