CP: Riddle me this, sage: Why watch the three-hour Tony Awards on TV when you can read a complete recap, including video excerpts, on the JoeMyGod blog at 10:05 p.m.?

RN: Um, to get a live gander at Hugh Jackman?

CP: Since you send me links several times a day, isn't it time you "came out" as a fan of tomandlorenzo.com? And all those other gayish blogs and websites where you now spend 33 percent of your waking hours?

RN: If Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez were a big rainbow flag, I'd wave it proudly. The Philadelphia couple started blogging under Projectrungay.com, a reflection of their obsession with "Project Runway." After adding other interests -- they dissect every detail of "Mad Men" like it's a fetal pig in a college biology class -- they thankfully switched to a less-mortifying URL.

CP: I'm a fan of JoeMyGod, and slightly in awe of blogger Joe Jervis' seeming ability to be everywhere at once -- even when he's on vacation.

RN: I imagine Mr. MyGod isn't cutting-and-pasting all those links by his little old self. Interns, anyone?

CP: Now he's linking to coverage of the Tonys, now the Supreme Court, now a situation in Afghanistan, now the presidential campaign, now a Madonna dustup. He's like a gay-blogging, shape-shifting superhero. I check him daily, and stalk him on the Twitter, too.

RN: One of my well-worn bookmarks is, I'm sorry to say, the Gay Romance Channel on YouTube. It's the handiwork of soap-obsessed Anthony D. Langford, who scrupulously posts every scene featuring Will Horton, aka the Confused Gay Teen, on the otherwise unwatchable "Days of Our Lives," plus many other same-sex sudsers. I thought I'd retired my watch-cheesy-TV-because-there's-a-gay-character thing when "Dawson's Creek" ended, but no.

CP: I'm a no-soaps man, but am not immune to an occasional guilty peek at Queerty, the gay version of TMZ, which covers the heck out of twinks, shirtless hunks, Mika, gay Mormons, drag queens and Alan Cumming. And maybe just a cranberry-juice-like splash of Prop 8 legal updates.

RN: For an even shallower, lavender-tinted sprint through the Interwebs, I like pop culture-crazed Afterelton.com. It's far frothier than, say, Towleroad.com.

CP: Towleroad's OK, but it's no JoeMyGod. What kinds of life-altering, consciousness-raising content do you find at AfterElton, pray tell?

RN: Well, I just got lost inside "The Absolutely, Positively Hottest 'Magic Mike' Pics Yet!" It may not have the intellectual heft of a breakdown on the evils of the Assad regime, but that doesn't mean it wasn't 45 well spent minutes.

CP: Click me through, Scotty.