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CP: Got time for a funny story?


RN: Always.


CP: It seems my younger sister’s Minneapolis friend DeEtte recently got into a heated argument with a friend. The friend insisted that you and I were a couple.


RN: Seriously? And, DeEtte? Now that’s a name.


CP: DeEtte said no. Each was certain she was correct. Only after a week’s time are they back on speaking terms.


RN: Holy Gay Pride, Batman, we’re so not worth seven whole days of the cold shoulder. Well, you aren’t, anyway. Kidding.


CP: The misunderstanding is understandable. We have the low-level bickering of a long-established couple down pat, for one example.


RN: We also share a kind of secret vocabulary. But don’t all platonic friends do that?


CP: We often finish each other’s sentences.


RN: I prefer to think of us as a modern-day Betty Comden and Adolph Green. I’ll be Adolph.


CP: See. You always do the movie-reference thing, and I usually take a dim view of things.


RN: If you’re about to say, “We complete each other,” please, for the love of God, don’t.


CP: We really should be invited to more dinner parties. But then, of course, your actual spouse would be mad. Robert already likes to complain that he sees less of you than I do.


RN: Oh, so that’s what people mean when they use the term “work husband.” As per usual, I’m a little slow on the uptake.


CP: That’s OK. I like you just the way you are.


RN: Sweet. Here’s a scary thought: If we were a couple, and I took your last name — use your imagination here — I would be Rick Peck. Yikes.


CP: One big happy, monosyllabic family. You could do the cooking, or we’d be eating Lean Cuisine nightly.


RN: Reason No. 6,772 why I thank my lucky stars that my Robert said “I do.”


CP: Be forewarned though, that due to my superior age, I would likely pre-decease you. And I wouldn’t want you to remarry.


RN: What every widow wants to hear.


CP: It would be such a comfort to know that you were wearing black and keeping my cremains in that Lladro urn on the antique secretary.


RN: Actually, whenever anyone mistakes the two of us for a couple, I get a twinge of guilt because some people are under the mistaken belief that you and John, our dear pal, are hitched. I don’t need to add interloping hussy to my already lengthy list of character faults.


CP: This is getting way too complicated. I want a divorce.


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