Some of us – lots of us – haven’t yet bought a current duck stamp. I wonder what those folks have done recently to make things better for birds. The stamp does make things better for birds. Priced at $15, it funds purchase and lease of land for national wildlife refuges and waterfowl breeding sites. The refuges support hundreds of animal and plant species, including hundreds of species of birds. Buy a stamp. It does make a difference.


What do you do with the stamp after purchase? The question assumes you aren’t a waterfowl hunter who must attach the same to the hunting license. Well, with apologies to David Sibley, I attach my stamps to the cover of his identification book. I get to enjoy the beautiful artwork on the stamps, and occasionally other people see the book and perhaps are motivated to buy a stamp. Here’s my copy of the Sibley book. Or, you can take something like a clear plastic baggage tag (small size), and put the stamp on or inside the tag, then fastening the tag to your binocular strap. Display of the stamp helps sales.






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