This is elsewhere on the Strib online site, but we couldn't resist putting it out there again. From the AP (bold is all ours):

Wisconsin football fans listening to games on the radio this fall will hear few, if any, beer ads for the first time in years. The university has ended long-standing sponsorship agreements with MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev for advertising during Badgers sports broadcasts. The deals, which brought the university about $425,000 per year, were not renewed after a campus committee recommended doing away with them as part of its fight against binge drinking.

Listen: Binge-drinking is a dangerous problem that has become an epidemic on a lot of campuses, including Wisconsin's. But while accepting such ads could be seen as implied consent of student drinking, we ultimately think the school gave up a nice chunk of change for no real reason. Beer exists. We're guessing 100 percent of students already know that it exists. Fight binge drinking by educating about the dangers of drinking too much, but don't overreact with hollow and comical gestures that will have no real impact.

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