The recall season in Wisconsin may not be over.
After a summer of attempted recalls of nine state senators – two of whom were replaced – attention has shifted to Gov. Scott Walker. Walker, a Republican, will finish his first year in office in January, a requirement for Wisconsin elected officials before they are subject to the state’s recall law. Union and Democratic Party groups have been angry with Walker since he led the drive to restrict bargaining rights for the state's public workers.
On Monday, Graeme Zielinski, spokesman for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, said: “The question of whether we’re going to recall has been settled. The question of why has long been answered here … The question now is when.’’
Zielinski said a coalition of grass-roots anti-Walker groups would be leading the effort to obtain the required 540,208 signatures within a two-month period to force a recall vote. When such an effort would start is not known. Other questions include:  is there enough energy and money left for a successful drive? And if petitions are gathered and a recall election is scheduled,  who would the Democrats put up to oppose Walker?

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