MADISON, Wis. — A new report shows Wisconsin lottery sales increased nearly 11 percent over the past five years.

The Legislative Audit Bureau released a study Tuesday that shows sales grew from $494.7 million in fiscal year 2007-08 to $547.6 million in fiscal year 2011-12.

The report attributes the jump to increased sales of $20 instant games, the addition of the Mega Millions game and an increase in Powerball ticket prices from $1 to $2 in January 2012.

Lottery expenses totaled $391.2 million in fiscal year 2011-12, including $320 million in prices. State law mandates at least 50 percent of lottery sales go back to players as prize payments. The payout percentage in 2011-12 was 58.5 percent.

The report also found lottery proceeds provided $708 million in relief from 2007-08 through 2011-12.