Winter confidential Day 3

– Word spread on Tuesday when it was learned that righthander Tyler Chatwood had a clause in his contract that calls for a $2 million salary increase, from $12 million to $14 million, if he received one — one! — vote for Cy Young.

If Chatwood made the All-Star team and received a Cy Young vote in the same year, he would receive a $4 million bump in salary.

It was a flashback to 2007 for media covering the winter meetings.

That year, it was discovered that Curt Schilling had a similar clause in his contract. The Baseball Writers Association of America, whose members vote on the Cy Young, passed a resolution making any player who stands to receive a bonus under such a clause ineligible. It creates the potential for a conflict of interest.

The player’s association balked at what was called, “the Schilling precedent.” The BBWAA rescinded its resolution, but a verbal agreement was made between the BBWAA, players association and Major League Baseball that no such clauses would be written into contracts again.

But now one has. And meetings are underway to deal with the issue. Again.

• Agents believe the market for relievers has bogged down because pitchers want deals longer than two years and clubs have been reluctant to go there. And there’s a feeling things will loosen up once Wade Davis, a top closer on the market, signs.

• Former Twin Brendan Harris was spotted in the lobby on Tuesday. He’s a scout for the Angels.