Pine Siskins are being seen in the metro area. Redpolls are in northern Minnesota, and should come south. Evening Grosbeaks have been reported from several state locations, including one report from Shoreview. This species can be found, with some effort, north of Duluth (Meadowland area is good), and in Aitkin County. A Twin Cities report, however, is unusual. Those birds, by the way, were seen by observers in Shoreview looking for a Clark's Nutcracker that was seen there for several days last week. That is a western species, way out of range this far east. Red-breasted Nuthatches were reported last week from several locations in North Dakota. One observer said he had six at his feeder. If they're in ND they should be here, if not now, soon. This could be a good year for backyard birdwatching. Here is a photo of an Evening Grosbeak, taken near Meadowland a couple of years ago: parrot of the woods. The seeds in the feeder are safflower.

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