There are more questions than answers in the death of a 57-year-old man whose body was discovered in a bloodied back yard in Rollingstone over the weekend.

The Winona Daily News identified the man as Glenn Peter Brown of Winona, who died of hypothermia and blood loss early Sunday, although the exact cause of his injuries remains undetermined. Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand told the paper that Brown suffered lacerations to his face and scalp.

According to the paper, Brown was discovered in the back yard of a Rollingstone couple's home. They told investigators he had been watching their house and caring for their dog while they were out of town for a day.

Brand told the Daily News that Brown had not been shot and there was no evidence that he had been struck by a vehicle. Brown spent the evening at a local sports bar, leaving around 1 a.m. and was last spotted near a park where investigators found his glasses and a trail of blood that led from the park to the house, two blocks away, where his body was found.