The winds of spring can certainly be a questionable and tough time to get out on the water.

Safety should be the first concern.

Let someone know when, where and how long you will be fishing.

Don't fish alone. Fish with a partner so you can keep an eye on each other.

Wear a life jacket. This WILL minimize your risk of being injured or drowning. It will keep you afloat longer in the event you need a water rescue.

If you are standing on the front deck of your boat operating a trolling motor, use a seat or butt-seat for support.

DO NOT set your trolling motor on constant.
Use the momentary feature. If you fall over board, your boats trolling motor will easily steer the boat right out of reach on a constant speed setting.

Keep a dry set of clothes on the boat. Mid-50's water temps can take your breathe away. Fatigue&shock can occur instantly. Hypothermia kills. Get dry. Get warm&get dressed.

Even the most seasoned anglers can get themselves in trouble if they are not careful.

Stay tuned for some ideas on where to find fish on these wind driven days of spring !

Tight lines !

John Moore

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