House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Calif., who built and then lost the largest Democratic majority in a generation, is considering ending her historic 10-year reign as Democratic leader after the second disappointing election in a row for her caucus. Some insiders expected her to make an announcement on Wednesday. Pelosi has not signaled whether she intends to remain atop a caucus that she has ruled with a near-iron fist, including four years as the first female House speaker and six years in the minority. Republicans and Democrats will meet Wednesday morning in the Senate to decide leadership jobs, with Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, expected to move up to the GOP's No. 2 spot.


Questions about Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s health and political future swirled again Tuesday as the Chicago congressman left the Mayo Clinic for the second time but didn't disclose where he was going, even as Congress returned from a seven-week election break. The Democrat, who was re-elected last week, has been on a medical leave since June for treatment of bipolar disorder and other medical issues. "Given the election is over, I think it's important for him to tell his constituents and tell the public where he stands," Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said Tuesday.


Count Stephen Colbert among those disappointed "super PAC" operatives who feel they didn't help decide the presidential election. He is shutting down his group, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. In a letter posted to the group's website, Colbert cited the "timely passing" of Ham Rove, a canned ham that Colbert called the super PAC's "adviser and chief strategist." Colbert made the group's remaining funds -- almost $800,000 -- "disappear" to a new 501(c)(4) group through an IRS loophole.