News from around the state so far today appears to be all election all the time. Papers around the state generally are reporting initial lines, followed by steady trickles of voters.

A precinct in West Duluth had ballots with a candidate’s name who is no longer running. Voters initially were given ballots with Rep. Kerry Gauthier’s name on them instead of Erik Simonson’s in the House 7B race. 
The error was discovered about 7:15 am and the correct ballots were brought in about 12 minutes later. The News Tribune has the story.
Meanwhile that race, with two approved write-in candidates, may delay results into Wednesday morning, the Secretary of State warned
In eastern Rock County, a World War II veteran is again running for mayor of Magnolia. Fabian Deutsch, soon to be 85, came close to not running, holding out until a half an hour before the deadline to file his paperwork. The Worthington Daily Globe has the full story
And if you’re curious about red counties vs. blue counties in the last presidential election, here’s the link to page on the Secretary of State’s website
In non-election news …
The Rochester City Council, prompted by a couple who hung a chair from a noose in their yard, passed a resolution Monday calling for mutual respect among residents.
Laura and Kevin Mulholland have admitted their display, which also included a bayonet and rifle stuck into the chair, was a political statement against President Obama. It has sparked anger and debate in Olmsted County, prompting the county Human Rights Commission and the Council on Black Minnesotans to call it racist hate speech.
The resolution reads in part:: "Whereas the City of Rochester recognizes and supports both the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression for all its citizens, residents and visitors. Now, therefore, be it resolved by the city of Rochester Common Council that the City requests that all members of our community exercise their rights in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect for all members of our community."
The Rochester Post-Bulletin has the full story
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