Here we go:

Most the Mo Bros (mustached Wild players) didn't wear helmets during warmups, a no-no in the previous Wild regime, to show off their upper lips.

If you'd like to donate or just check out the Mo Bro's page set up by defenseman Nick Schultz, click this link.

Meant to mention this this morning, but Cal Clutterbuck will be miked tonight on FSN North. As I wrote when Clutterbuck was miked in Detroit on NBC last April, the best stuff will surely be left on the cutting-room floor. As we know, Clutterbuck's not a Canucks fan, especially that of Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows. So he joked that this was not a smart game to mike him. He's a smack talker.

Benoit Pouliot is scratched for the third straight game.

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