By Chris Riemenschneider

Maybe the most surprising thing about Wilco's bountiful 2-1/2-hour set last night at Roy Wilkins Auditorium was what wasn't played: More songs from the new album probably would've been welcomed by the crowd (which cheered whenever the new ones started up, especially "Bull Black Nova"), and I think this is the first time since "Being There" when I didn't hear them play "Misunderstood." Plus, they usually play one or two more from "A.M." I personlly would've prefered they skipped "I Am Trying..." or "Can't Stand It" as standards go, but that's splitting hairs.

The Wilkins' notorious acoustics got the better of "Wilco (the Song)," but the sound was quickly smoothed out. Funny, though, the crowd didn't take advantage of the auditorium's one selling-point over theaters -- the general-admission floor, which allows for dancing or at least a little rocked-up swaying -- until well into the show. That might've been what prompted Jeff Tweedy's opening quip, when he told the crowd, "You look very good... if a bit homogeneous." 

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Wilco (the Song)  /  Shot in the Arm  /  Bull Black Nova  /  You Are My Face /  I Am Trying to Break Your Heart /  One Wing  /  At Least That's What You Said  /  Handshake Drugs  /  Deeper Down  /  Impossible Germany  /  It's Just That Simple  /  Sonny Feeling  /  Can't Stand It  /  Jesus, Etc.  /  Via Chicago  /  Spiders (Kidsmoke)  /  Hummingbird

ENCORE 1: The Late Greats  /  You Never Know  (w/ Liam Finn) /  California Stars (w/ Gary Louris + Liam)  /  Heavy Metal Drummer

ENCORE 2: Theologians  /  Hate It Here  /  Walken  /  I'm the Man Who Loves You  /  Monday  /  Hoodoo Voodoo

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