The Dartmouth Institute found wide variations in the rates of elective surgery in Minnesota and six other states in the "Great Plains region."

Here are some of the highs and lows, and rates for select Minnesota cities (per 1,000 Medicare enrollees):

• Mastectomy for early-stage breast cancer:

High: 2.3, Grand Forks, N.D.

Low: 0.3, Dubuque, Iowa

Minneapolis: 1.2

Duluth: 1.0

St. Cloud: 1.0

• Gallbladder surgery:

High: 4.4, Joplin, Mo.

Low: 2.0, Mason City, Iowa

St. Paul: 3.2

Duluth: 3.6

St. Cloud: 2.5

• Knee replacement:

High: 14.0, Lincoln, Neb.

Low: 8.5, Springfield, Mo.

Minneapolis: 11.5

Duluth: 13.4

St. Cloud: 13.8

• Heart bypass surgery:

High: 5.0, Wichita, Kan.

Low: 1.7, Rapid City, S.D., and Sioux City, Iowa

St. Paul: 2.5

Duluth: 3.3

St. Cloud: 2.5

The full report ("Great Plains" region) can be found at