Jim Jam: Tater-Masher Extraordinaire

Opening Day is so close we can almost smell it. In just two days, the Twins will be at the Rogers Centre, kicking off a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Then it's off to the Big Apple for four games against the New York Yankees before the boys are welcomed home to their spruce-free ballpark to take on the Oakland Athletics on April 8.

This has me day dreaming of the real-live-crack-of-the-bat that actually counts.

So obviously, it's time to predict who will hit the Twins' first home run of the season. The rules are simple: the first person to guess the correct tater-masher wins. The winner will receive a prize to be determined, likely some kind of sweet Twins merchandise like a travel mug or a sippy cup, or whatever you prefer to drink out of. Or muffins. Of course, we'll play this game again for the Home Opener, then maybe one more time when Jim Thome is closer to joining the 600 Club. It'll be fun.

Speaking of things to eat, there are some new foods to scarf down as well this season at Target Field: Turkey to Go, Walk a Taco, Minneapple Pie, Hebrew National hot dogs, and two more Kramarczuk’s sausages, one with wild rice inside of it. Yummy. Also, Lift Bridge Brewery from Stillwater, Minnesota was added to the local brews. Delicious!

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