Hunt and Gather, the antique store and gift boutique, is having its tenth anniversary this year. As good a reason as any to mention it, I suppose. It’s not a typical antique store - everything is arranged with great care and odd whimsy.

I had lots of pictures to upload, but the server is balking. Argh.

This one seems to work: an old guest-check pad from Wong’s Cafe in Rochester.




As you can tell from the Google street view, it has a “Great Wall” motif:




Of course, no. It’s on the other side. I'm sure the original location was downtown. 

The old logo for Schmitt Music:



Yesterday I put up this, and wondered how quickly anyone could identify it:



Got quite a few tweets naming it right away. Of course, it’s this.




She sold those things for 40 years. Still does, for all I know.  Lots of great stuff at the store - if you're tired of going to gift stores and thinking "you know, all they really have are  books and candles, when you think about it" you'll want to head here the next time you need something unique.

AMAZING   Here’s a grand gift to the world: National Geographic has put up a tumblr devoted to unpublished photos. It has quite a few. I wish it wasn’t one of those eternally scrolling tumblrs, though - you just can’t stop looking.

Equally fascinating but unnerving: this. Gruber says "Jupiter is terrifying," and he's absolutely right. Imagine how civilization would be different if we saw that thing in the sky every night.