One benefit of being a Twins season-ticket holder, aside from no longer having to watch Drew Butera swing the bat and Alex Burnett come into close games, is the chance to do some weird stuff that mere single-game ticket holders don't get  a shot at. For example, a bunch of us watched the All-Star Game last summer on the big screen while sitting in the Champions Club and eating a ballpark supper. The game wasn't a good one, but the atmosphere and the giveaways kept us there through the seventh inning.

Now comes this from the Twins:

"For several games this season, Twins Season Ticket Holders can register for the chance to sport one of five Mascot costumes and be on the field for the race before the 5th inning."

Sign ... us ... UP



Here's the deal: You have to be 18 and you can't be over 6-foot-5, which eliminates Kevin Love, Jared Allen and the Upload caretaker. And the Twins want you to know what you're getting into -- literally:

"The Mascot costumes can be a bit cumbersome and are not air-conditioned! The race is not recommended for those that are prone to claustrophobia. Cool clothing is suggested on warm days. Please wear tennis shoes and athletic clothing as you will be running a fair distance in the costume; a change of clothes is recommended (the costumes can get warm even on cooler days!)."

And this: "Photographs of the contestants in partial costume are not allowed."

You've been warned. Want to go for it?




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