Following is a list of county and city candidates who have registered to be on the ballot for this year's elections. Candidates for school boards don't file to run for office until July 31, nor do those running for city offices in places such as Lakeville, Apple Valley and Farmington, which don't hold primaries. Primaries will be held in August for races in which a vote is needed to narrow the field of candidates to two per open seat. An (i) denotes an incumbent.


District 1 (Includes Hastings, Farmington and rural Dakota County): Dean Birnstengel; Brian Jaye Budenski; Christy Jo Fogarty; Mark A. Henry; Mike Slavik.

District 3 (Includes Mendota Heights and most of Eagan): Thomas Egan (i).

District 4 (Includes southern Inver Grove Heights, southeastern Eagan and most of Rosemount). Bill Klein; Nancy Schouweiler (i).

District 5 (Includes Burnsville): Peter Beckel; Dave Giles; Liz Workman (i).

District 6 (Includes Lakeville); Paul J. Krause (i).

District 7 (Includes Apple Valley and a sliver of western Rosemount): Chris Gerlach; Victoria "Vicki" Swanson.

Note: District 2, which includes West St. Paul, South St. Paul and northern Inver Grove Heights, is represented by Kathleen Gaylord. The seat is not on the ballot this year.

Note: Districts were redrawn this year to reflect the 2010 census. For old and new district maps, see www.startribune.com/a1353.


Mayor: Bill David Ansari; Elizabeth B. Kautz (i); Jerry Willenburg;

City Council (Elect 2): Rochell Ansari; James Cammarato; Steve Cherney; Richard Hoel; Bruce Johnson; Pat Madden; Suzanne Nguyen; Mary Sherry (i)


City Council (Elect 2): Cyndee Fields (i); Meg Tilley (i)


City Council, Ward 1: Anthony "Tony" Alongi (i); Michael "Mike" Grady; Justin Westman.

City Council, Ward 2: Joe Balsanek (i).

City Council, Ward 3: Brian Meek; Tony Nelson (i).

City Council, Ward 4: Danna Elling Schultz (i)


Mayor: Scott Cornelius; George Tourville (i).

City Council (Elect 2): Tom Bartholomew; Paul Hark; Paul Mandell; Jim Mueller


City Council (Elect 2): Vanessa Olson Demuth; Maila C. Ellefson; Joe Kurle; Wade Miller; Jeff Weisensel (i); Joseph P. Zanmiller


Mayor: Beth A. Baumann (i); Donald Madland.

City Council (Elect 3): Lori Hansen (i); Chris Lehmann (i); Michael Marschinke; Shawn Meck; Dan Niederkorn (i); Nicholas J. Schaefer


Mayor: John Zanmiller (i).

City Council, Ward 1: Pat Armon.

City Council, Ward 2: Jenny Halverson; Jim McKie.

City Council, Ward 3: Darlene Lewis (i); David Joseph Napier; Nicole Paradise; James Andrew Reibestein; Thomas Swift

Source: Minnesota Secretary of State