Caribou Coffee, the Brooklyn Center-based specialty coffeehouse chain, landed a prime cameo role in Friday's New York Times.

In a story about President Obama's staffers sitting down with lobbyists outside the White House (where lobbyists have, officially, at least, been banished), the story reports that the preferred meeting venue is a Caribou "across the street from the White House that has become a favorite meeting spot to conduct Obama administration business."

The story continues:

Employees at Caribou Coffee — which many lobbyists said appeared to be the favorite spot for off-site meetings, in part because of its proximity to the White House — welcome the increased traffic.

“They’re here all the time — all day,” Andre Williams, a manager at Caribou Coffee, said of his White House customers. (He can spot White House officials by the security badges around their necks, or the Secret Service agents lurking nearby.)

“A lot of them like lattes — that or a ‘depth charge,’ a coffee with a shot of espresso,” Mr. Williams said. “The caffeine rush — they need it.”

The whole thing can be read here.

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