Two new Whistleblower features debuted Sunday. Two columns, Hard Data and On Your Side: Consumer Alerts, join the Whistleblower feature story that's been a fixture of the Sunday paper since 2008.

Hard Data is compiled and written by Whistleblower researcher and computer-assisted reporting expert Jane Friedmann. Each week, she'll dig into public records and put a spotlight on rule breakers in the Twin Cities and Minnesota. For this week's column, she examined inspection records from the city of Minneapolis to determine which eateries had the most critical health violations this summer. 

On Your Side: Consumer Alerts is a roundup of consumer news compiled by the Whistleblower staff. It builds on the daily item that you see on this blog and on page 3 of the Twin Cities section Tuesday through Saturday.

Of course, we'll continue to investigate your tips as well in traditional stories. My column Sunday described how a 6-year-old boy's encounter with a discarded syringe on an airplane resulted in a highly unsettling travel experience for a Michigan family. 

We're working with our online staff to make Whistleblower stories and features easier to find on You're likely to see changes to the blog as a result.

What hasn't changed is our thirst for your suggestions. Send us an email!

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