One veterinarian punctured the internal organs of two dogs during spaying procedures. A chiropractor had sex with the spouse of a current patient. A dentist, forbidden to prescribe controlled substances, did so by using a colleague’s credentials.

In all, three dentists, two chiropractors and five veterinarians were disciplined or denied unconditional licensure in the second half of 2012, according to orders from the Minnesota Board of Dentistry, the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine. Three other individuals were told to cease unlicensed veterinary work in that period.


William P. Rolfe, Jr., Hopkins, suspension for at least six months, $20,000 fine

Rolfe allegedly overbilled an insurer and used another dentist’s credentials to prescribe controlled substances.

Rolfe has been prohibited by the board from prescribing controlled substances since 2001. That order also prohibited him from administering nitrous oxide and required a female attendant be present while treating female patients.

A 2005 order alleged he used another dentist’s credentials to bill for dental hygiene services.

Rolfe, who denied the board’s allegations, must pass a test on state dentistry laws, take an ethics course and report how to use what he’s learned in the future.

Charles W. Sims, Bloomington, denial of petition

Sims was indefinitely suspended in 2009.

For a second time, Sims’ petition for reinstatement was denied for his failure to demonstrate to the board that he was able to practice dentistry “with reasonable skill and safety.”

Thomas E. Vukodinovich, St. Paul, limited and conditional license

Vukodinovich ordered narcotics for a family member and self-administered those drugs and others that he got from work or prescribed to himself. He kept no log of dispensed drugs. He entered treatment for opiate dependence twice in 2010 and enrolled in a monitoring program in 2011.

Vukodinovich was unable to provide accurate information about the sedation he provides to patients.

He may not order or maintain certain drugs, such as narcotics, except for use by patients. He must comply with conditions of the monitoring program, submit a report on sedation and allow random office inspections.


Wayne E. Gudgel, Redwood Falls, stayed suspension and probation for at least two years, $500 fine

Gudgel engaged in sexual conduct with a patient in 2008 and was arrested in 2011 for his fourth alcohol-related driving offense. He must be evaluated for chemical-dependency treatment, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and take a class and an exam in ethics and boundaries.

Lacie M. Mockros, St. Cloud, stayed suspension and probation for at least two years

Mockros “entered into a sexual relationship with the spouse of a current patient,” the order stated. Mockros was told to take a class and an exam in ethics and boundaries.

Mockros was granted an unconditional license in February, seven months after the two years of probation was put in place.


Richard M. McConnell, White Bear Lake, stayed suspension

While properly licensed in Minnesota, McConnell practiced unlicensed veterinary medicine in Wisconsin for 12 years. He must take an exam and an ethics course.

Jenny M. Mayaka, Eagan, suspension for at least two years

Mayaka punctured the spleen or liver of two dogs during spayings. A colleague smelled alcohol on her breath near in time to one of the spayings, the order stated. Mayaka was discharged from outpatient chemical-dependence treatment for noncompliance. She later made “misrepresentations” to a board committee.


Three other veterinarians were reprimanded and fined for failing to comply with continuing education requirements.


The following were told to cease and desist the unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine, which is a gross misdemeanor.

Brandon C. Braun, Detroit Lakes

Braun advertised horse gelding services, charging $75 per horse.

Clement C. Demo, Pierz

Demo performed castrations on at least two horses, one of which had to be euthanized due to Demo’s “substandard and illegal procedure.”

Carl J. Hinsz, McLaughlin, S.D.

Hinsz provided chiropractic and therapeutic services to horses in Minnesota. The services included joint manipulation, massage, stretching and range of motion exercises.


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