While most are talking about deer processing or when the ice is going to be thick enough, there's a hearty bunch of

Tony Scully with a double on a guided trip with guide Dustin Stewart

Tony Scully with a double on a guided trip with guide Dustin Stewart

walleye sauger anglers just itching for a chance to grab first place at this years Turkey Combo Tournament! 


It's an annual event to mark the ending of the open water tournament season. But that doesn't mean everyone is putting their boat up for winter storage! One of the best kept secrets is that the head of Pool 4, from Lake Pepin all the way to Lock and Dam #3 has open water all year.  Between the Dam and the warm water dischage above the dam keeps the water moving and the temps just above freezing.

Since the walleye/sauger season doesn't close on this stretch of river, trucks and empty trailers can be found at Everts Fishing Resort in the coldest of months. Why? The fish just never stop bitting!

Vertical jigging plastics like the BfishN Tackles Ring Worm or the new Moxi keeps your hands dry and are killers for cold water limits. Depending on the day, 3-ways with either a stick bait or a Ring Worm works well too. Best off asking at the resort what the best tactic to use for the particular day is. Dean the manager of Everts has the pulse of the fish at any time. What 's I like about Dean is the NO BS fishing report. If it's a tough bite, he'll tell you.  On the other hand, when it gets "Stupid-Crazy" you can expect to boat 20 to 70 fish per day...it does become that stupid crazy!

So if you did put your boat away but want to see what cold weather boat fishing is all about, take a drive to Everts (about 45 minutes from the Metro) around 2:30 tomorrow. Weigh in is at 3:00 pm.  Maybe next year you won't be putting your boat way!

See you on the water!


Brian Klawitter



2010 Turkey Combo Fishing Tournament
Date: Saturday November 27, 2010

Entry Fee: $40.00 per boat $10.00 big fish pot. (Total $50)

Tournament hours: 7:30am-3:00pm .

Take off and Weigh in at Everts Resort .

Bag Limit: 3 Walleye and 3 Sauger for a six fish limit.

15"minimum size on both walleye and sauger .

$40 entry pool will be paid to the top 3-5 places depending on number of entries.

$10 big fish pool will be split for biggest walleye and biggest sauger.

Registration is the morning of the tournament from 6:00am-7:15am in the baitshop at Everts. Cash only please!

This is a fun tournament to end the 2010 season with. Happy Holidays!

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