You’re not imagining it. The city of Minneapolis is requiring compostable bags one year earlier than expected. The city was bidding out multi-year yard waste contracts and decided to have compostable bag handling built into the contract now rather than have to adjust it next year, said city spokesman Casper Hill.

Starting the week of April 9 when Minneapolis starts picking up yard waste, residents are required to put all lawn and garden waste in compostable bags or a reusable containers of 33 gallon size or less.
But many metro residents, not just in Minneapolis, can’t find compostable plastic in stock. (Paper bags have been  easier to find.)

One place that has a large supply of compostable bags in stock is Plastic Bagmart (12201 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, 952-933-2366). They sell 33, 39 or 45-gallon-sized compostable bags in rolls of 20 or 25. The 33 gallon size is $12.50 for 25, which is less expensive than Wal-Mart. The large 45-gallon size works well as a liner for  rigid containers. You can pick up the bags on site (go around to the back of the building) or spend an additional $6 for shipping on phone orders.

Home Depot: Stores should be restocked by the weekend, said a store representative.

Lowe’s: In stock at most stores.
Menards: In stock in some stores, but the focus is on the paper bags, said a spokesman.

Target: Supplies should be replenished by early April, said a spokesperson.

Wal-Mart: The discounter usually has had small quantities in stock but call first. Look for the bags on endcaps as well as the plastic bag aisle.

When buying bags, look for the word “compostable” on the box. Bags labeled “100 percent degradable” or “recycled plastic,” are not compostable and will not be accepted by haulers. If you have unused black plastic bags, they can still be used in the regular trash. 

Your best bet is to call before heading out to avoid disappointment.

Know of another retailer that has plenty? Share away.