Online services such as www.craigslist.org and www.rental.com let you search by area and the monthly rent you wish you to pay. We found a variety of Twin Cities properties, most with photos.

Classified ads in metropolitan newspapers such as the Star Tribune and neighborhood community newspapers -- print and online.

Residential property management companies that market rental homes, screen tenants and maintain properties, post their clients' homes with photos. Local companies include:

Minnesota Home Rental Inc. www.mnhomerental.com

RP Management www.rpmgmt.com

33rd Company Property Management www.33rdcompany.com

New Concepts www.newconceptsgroup.com

Metro Resource Group www.metrorentalsonline.com

Rent: $1,395 / month

This three-bedrooms, two-bath house has a finished recreation room with fireplace, large deck and a wooded lot.

Rent: $1,395 / month

This new three-bedroom, two-bath house has vaulted ceilings and a three-car garage.

Rent: $1,750 / month

This 1926 house in south Minneapolis has four bedrooms, one bathroom, hardwood floors, an updated kitchen and a fireplace.

Rent: $2,250 / month

Four-bedroom, three-bath house was built in 2006 and has a formal dining room, fireplace and library/den. Currently rented.

Note: Rents listed as of Tuesday. Source: Minnesota Home Rental