Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota received $469 million in the settlement. This is the company's plan for spending it:

• $241 million for Prevention Minnesota, a program to reduce smoking, increase physical activity and promote healthy eating.

• $71 million goes back to plan members.

• $70 million goes to reduce the deficit of the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association, which provides coverage to Minnesotans who have been turned down by private plans.

• $30 million for community clinics.

ClearWay Minnesota was created by the settlement with a $202 million endowment and a 25-year lifespan. So far, it has spent the money this way:

• $31.6 million for education and outreach, including a statewide advertising campaign on ClearWay's cessation program and the dangers of secondhand smoke.

• $21.4 million has been spent on individual cessation efforts and related research.

• $7.8 million was spent on policy research and environmental approaches to curbing smoking, including community grants in support of smoking bans.

• $4.8 million to develop tobacco education programs in minority communities, where smoking prevalence often is greater than in the general population.

• $4.6 million was spent on population surveys including the Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey to track smoking prevalence and habits.