The May/June issue of the "Lake Country Journal" arrived in the mail today and I was very excited to read an article within about Mom & Pop Baitshops. I was absolutely stunned by the layout of the article and how well the art director did with the layout of the article. It really captured that old-time feel that you can only get from a good-old fashioned Mom & Pop Baitshop. In the interest of full disclosure, I wrote the article and took the photographs that went along with it. That said, writers don't usually get to see the finished piece until after it's published so it's always fun when a publication really does a good job utilizing the writing and photography you worked hard on. I'm not writing to brag up the article, however. I'm writing to encourage everybody to visit the Mom & Pop baitshop nearest their fishing area this summer. These locally owned stores have their fingers on the pulse of fishing in the area. They also have a great supply of bait and are more than willing to set you up with the best information for having a great day on the water. Some of their prices might not be as good as the local big-box chain store, but throw some business to the little guy. These local baitships are a dying breed and they will not survive without angler support. In the article I wrote I included two of my favorite baitshops in northern Minnesota—S&W Bait in Brainerd and Bluewater in Bemidji. The owners of these shops are first-rate and know their stuff. On multiple occasions they have provided me with the right insights for a successful day on the water. Please use the comments section of this blog and post your favorite Mom & Pop baitshop. Don't forget to mention the town it's in and some of the best lakes nearby. I'm going to do some fishing around my home this week so that means stopping by Marv's Minnows in Zimmerman just off 169.

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