Say one thing about this whole three-way thingamajig between Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno and NBC: It sure has made for some terrifically snarky comedy. After hearing plenty o' zingers last week from David Letterman (who doesn't hide his contempt for either his former network or even for Leno), we got to hear O'Brien pipe in last night, the first in what is presumed to be his final week of shows.

After a long intro applause, he quipped, "Great. I'm gonna need all of you to write me a letter of recommendation." From there, he went right into addressing the whole debacle, saying, "A lot of newspapers are now reporting that I am illegally prohibited from saying anything negative about NBC … so good night ladies and gentleman!" (and he walked off camera).Then came a short singalong of "Morons...Morons... Morons." After that, many more one-liners, including, "NBC’s new slogan is 'More Colorful'. Sounds about right, since they’re about to get rid of the whitest guy on television." Another good one: "Last night on the Golden Globes, Julia Roberts said NBC was in the toilet. NBC was upset, and toilets were furious."

O'Brien showed a clip of the large rally in his favor outside NBC's Burbank studios yesterday (despite a deluge of rain), which was an offshoot of the "I'm With Coco" Facebook fan page. He followed that by saying, "To be fair, there was also a competing pro-NBC rally," and then he showed a clip of a donkey walking across a desolate desert.

Probably the best bit was when he revealed his Craigslist posting looking for work. But he made it in the "Casual Encounter" section. The header on his ad was, "Tall, slender redhead available for nighttime recreation." Some of the lines included, "Drapes match the carpet," and, "Can go a whole hour (with breaks every 7-10 minutes)."

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