What about bob: 10 things you should know

1. Bangs add personality and dimension to a classic bob cut, but don't attempt to trim your own bangs. Bang trims are free at most salons.

2. Bobs with waves work well, but if your hair is very curly or textured, a bob might not be the look for you.

3. Bob variations are endless. Work with your stylist to choose a shape that complements your facial structure. "Otherwise it can look awkward, like a shirt that doesn't fit right," stylist Charlie Brackney said.

4. Keep up with regular cuts, every 6-8 weeks.

5. Invest in a good blow dryer and straight iron.

6. Don't assume you can't rock a short 'do if your facial structure is round. Choose a longer bob, one that hits below the chin line. It will make your face appear thinner. "The right length on the right face shape is magical," stylist Woody Theis said.

7. Bob styles can come across as conventional, so set your look apart by adding bangs, texture and accessories like headbands and hairpins.

8. Modernize your bob with sweeping bangs and a center part.

9. If you have finer hair, be careful not to over-layer. The ends will become too wispy.

10. Embrace change. Hair always grows back.

Aimee Blanchette