With the exception of "Captain Kangaroo," CBS has historically struggled in the mornings, even though some fairly big names have stepped in front of the camera. A partial list of well-known personalities who sat at the anchor desk:

"The Morning Show" (1954-56): Walter Cronkite, Jack Paar, Dick Van Dyke ⊲

"The Morning Show" (1957): Country singer/sausage maker Jimmy Dean

"The CBS Morning News" (1963-66): Mike Wallace

"The CBS Morning News" (1973): Washington Post reporter Sally Quinn

"The CBS Morning News" (1977-79): Lesley Stahl

"The CBS Morning News" (1979-80): Bob Schieffer

"The CBS Morning News" (1982-84): Diane Sawyer

"The CBS Morning News" (1984-85): Former Miss America Phyllis George

"The CBS Morning News" (1985-86): Maria Shriver

"The Morning Program" (1987): Actress Mariette Hartley (future "Full House" star Bob Saget provided comedy bits)

"The Early Show" (1999-2002): Bryant Gumbel

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