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The World Series is over and baseball's done for another year, but before we let it drop, I'd like to speak with a few of you about Thursday night's Game 6. Judging by the reactions I saw on Twitter immediately following the walk-off Cardinals win, there were many Twins fans who were angry at Joe Buck for re-appropriating his dad's famous "We'll see you... tomorrow night!" call from Game 6 of the 1991 Series. I suspect much of this is rooted in a dislike of Buck, and he's not my favorite either. But I have two points to make. First, it's simply the perfect call for that situation; if it'd been me in the booth, it's exactly what I would have said, too. And that Joe Buck was paying tribute to Jack Buck, his own father, makes it doubly appropriate.

But even ignoring that, there seemed to be a number of people who felt that this had somehow cheapened the call from '91, which brings me to my second point. Many people hearing that call will have understood that the younger Buck's call was a homage, which arguably makes the original more well-known and more powerful, not less. And the only people who didn't understand that it was a reference to 20 years ago are people who already have no feelings about Game 6 in 1991, so it couldn't possibly have cheapened it for them. If anything, the original call is now more famous, and more meaningful. If anything, it should be Cardinals fans who are mad; the television call for their greatest moment of their 2011 championship is simply an echo from two decades ago.

But that's not why you called. On with the links:

*RandBall's Brandon makes the argument, over at his own site, that Nelson Cruz is actually a bigger goat than Bill Buckner. I find this argument convincing, especially since Cruz could have won the Series for the Rangers, whereas there's a chance we're remember Game 6 in 1986 as the Bob Stanley Game or the Calvin Schiraldi Game even if Buckner does make that play.

*Parker Hageman thinks that re-signing Joe Nathan as Twins closer might be a good idea, based on the way that the big righty ended the season.

*The Economist talks about how to fix the game of tennis, which is one of those topics that seems to come up every few years. As long as I can remember, both golf and tennis have been on the verge of being overtaken by equipment advances. Golf seems to be in a bit of a lull with that at the moment, but the common opinion seems to be that tennis is now verging on impossible to play, what with the amount of power and topspin that's generated these days. It's an interesting discussion, even for a tennis novice like me.

*And finally: the state of Minnesota goes for its second pro championship of the year tonight, as the NSC Minnesota Stars travel to Fort Lauderdale for the second leg of the finals. Brian Quarstad at Inside MN Soccer has your match preview, but here's my short prediction: Fort Lauderdale was awful last week, and unless they use a different set of players tonight, the Stars should be able to hold on to their 3-1 lead for the first leg and take home the trophy. The match is at 6:30 and is available live online; if you want to head out to watch, the Sweetwater Bar and Grill in St. Paul will no doubt be showing the match, and Brit's Pub downtown will show it at 9pm on tape delay.

That'll do it for me; enjoy your Saturday. WHO HATES IOWA?

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