Week 10 of the Page 2 Fantasy Football Challenge is upon us. Each week, a guest picker chooses a QB, WR and RB. The only players off-limits are those selected by the previous week's guest picker. The guest this week — Jeremy Biermaier, a history teacher at New Prague Middle School and an original member of the OT Dynasty Leagues — will go head-to-head against Star Tribune writer Michael Rand, who is not allowed to pick anyone projected by NFL.com to score in the top 10 at their respective positions:

Jeremy Biermaier'S WEEK10 FANTASYPICKS

QB: Philip Rivers, Chargers

NFL.com QB projection: No. 10

Matchup: Broncos

Pretty safe bet that the Chargers will be playing catch-up in this game. I am hoping that Rivers shreds the Denver secondary as if Josh Robinson was starting at both corner spots.

RB:Matt Forte, Bears

NFL.com RB projection: No. 10

Matchup: Lions

Forte has been Mr. Reliable this year both running and receiving the ball. The only thing that could keep him down this week is a patented Ndamukong Suh karate kick.

WR: Victor Cruz, Giants

NFL.com WR projection: No. 9

Matchup: Raiders

The Giants have no running game and Hakeem Nicks cannot catch, leaving Cruz as their only offensive weapon. Does he get bonus points for making tackles after Eli Manning interceptions?



QB: Christian Ponder, Vikings

NFL.com QB projection: No. 16

Matchup: Washington

I'm picking the who to do the what? Believe it or not, Ponder is not a bad fantasy play this week if you have to pick outside the top 10. I'll take 200 yards, a TD pass and a TD run, please.

RB: Zac Stacy, Rams

NFL.com projection: No. 13

Matchup: Colts

The Colts give up 125 yards rushing per game. Stacy has topped 125 yards rushing each of the last two games and has taken over as the featured back in St. Louis. I like those odds.

WR: Calvin Johnson, Lions

NFL.com WR projection: No. 13

Matchup: Bears

I'm not sure I've ever been able to take Calvin Johnson because I can't remember him ever being projected outside the top 10. These moments need to be cherished. You are mine, Megatron.


Winner: Michael Rand—Tom Brady (33.2), Alfred Morris (18.1), Terrance Williams (3.3). Total: 54.6.

Loser: Nick Ahrens — Tony Romo (20.3), Jamaal Charles (9.6), Dez Bryant (6.4). Total: 36.3.

Overall standings: Guest pickers 6-3.