Carl Pavano and the Twins are in one of those strange positions created by free agency. Pavano has a ton of leverage because he's coming off a very strong season and just might be the second-best starting pitcher on the market in a crop that thins out in a hurry after Cliff Lee. But that season and the thin crop has inflated his value, making it tougher for the Twins to justify re-signing him -- even though Pavano loves it here and it seems like a perfect fit.

If La Velle is right and Pavano can get more than the 3-years, $33 million given to Ted Lilly already -- and those who read La Velle's tweets know he is rarely wrong, particularly about berating someone who would dare double-down on a black jack -- should the Twins already be past their line in the sand if that's what Pavano's asking price is?

Conversely, if Pavano can get, say, 3 for $36 million on the open market, how much of a discount do you imagine he'd be willing to stay in a place he likes? We can't imagine him budging on a third year since this is most likely his last big contract. But if Pavano would go for 3 years somewhere between $30 and $32 million, is it worth it to both sides?

It's one of those deals where Pavano would be taking less than he's worth but perhaps would still be making more than he's worth to the Twins. Is it win-win or lose-lose?

Programming note: Clearance Clarence to follow.

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