Let's get the crazy stuff out of the way first. I saw a link on a recent DIY e-newsletter to a site promoting an edible wedding dress. Really? The Gather and Nest blog features a bride wearing a dress make of a checkerboard cake  - made by Lukka Sigurdardottir. 

I think I found this person on Facebook and messaged them to get the details. Did not hear anything back. It's been cited in many blogs in the last month.

I found another edible cake made of cream puffs at megnut.com.  I have no idea why. Crazy, but creative. I'm guessing they're built on some kind of form and are very heavy.


The cream puff dress on megnut.com.


Now that I've had my fun with that, here is a practical and fun site for baking treats for weddings, receptions or bridal showers. I found bakerella.com  as a link on another site and I just love this person's idea: Wedding Cake Pops. They're small cakes on a stick that can be made for an engagement party, a shower or they can be used as wedding favors.




Wedding cake pops from Bakerella.com


Now: Some tips and trends from a local pro.

Minneapolis photographer Liz Banfield has a new book out with author Tara Guerard called "Weddings by Tara Guerard." (Gibbs Smith, $30).  I asked Banfield to share some of her up-to-the minute knowledge of wedding ideas for ceremony and reception.

A former advertising executive at Fallon, Banfield now shoots weddings and editorial / advertising assignments for clients such as Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Target, Medtronic. Her photography is lovely. I've included many of her images below.


Here are trends Banfield is seeing:

  •  The statement dress is back (so long simple sheath!) and I'm really excited to see an increasing level of detail and volume come back to wedding gowns. This trend isn't for everyone but for the right kind of wedding, it's exciting to see.
  • Many brides are changing their dress at some point in the evening, such as a short party dress for dancing. Who wants to boogie in a ballgown? Or, they are projecting that "off to the honeymoon" vibe by changing into something more casual (but still white!) for the getaway picture.
  •  Colors: I'm loving the color grey as a neutral. It goes with almost everything -- pink, orange, blue. Chocolate brown and green were hugely popular for the last few years but are now are taking a break.
  •   Comfort food appetizers. This trend has been gaining speed for a little while and is really widespread now. Guests love to be offered tiny grilled cheese sandwiches or french fries, especially later in the evening. Also, candy displays are very popular with guests and it's inexpensive to do!
  •  Brides and grooms being seated alone at a "sweetheart" table, instead of a traditional head table. With the demands of being the center of attention, I see so many couples who barely get to talk to each other on their wedding day. This is a great solution and so romantic.
  •  Skip the corsage! Nobody likes to put pins in the fabric of a special outfit. Instead have your florist prepare a little "tussie" bouquet or a simple flower that can be attached to your mother's purse.
  •  Blue shoes for your "something blue." Indeed, something you'll wear again. (see the cover of the book).


The statement dress. (All photography courtesy Liz Banfield)

More natural lighting.

Brides are changing into short dresses for the reception.

More colors at receptions

And Banfield gave me some tips for receptions:

  • A classic car is a great backdrop for pictures, both inside and out. And it's a weatherproof location that still gets natural light.
  • There are infinite places to "go custom" on a wedding but I love it when a couple goes to the trouble to make a customized "Just Married" sign. It's an easy DIY project that adds so much character to a classic shot. Find a crafty friend to do it or ask your stationary designer to do a design for you and have it printed up at Kinkos.
  •  I love natural light for pictures. It's worth your time to devise a schedule that makes the most of it. If you have your heart set on an evening ceremony, think about doing all the posed pictures beforehand.
  •  As a photographer I'm always concerned with reception lighting. It doesn't have to be brightly lit but it's important to have pockets of great light. Whatever you think you need for candles on the table, try and double it for extra ambience and atmosphere. Also, don't forget the dance floor. Again, you don't want it to be bright out there but talk to your band or DJ about creating some simple spot lights to define the area.
  •  I think everyone should hire a wedding planner in some capacity, even if you are a seasoned party-thrower. As long as you hire someone you jive with, it will save you time and stress.
  •  If you are doing a buffet, insist that the caterer set up lines on both sides of the buffet. I think slow buffet lines are a huge frustration for guests and in most cases, the solution is so simple -- just double the line!