The Webber Park Library in north Minneapolis is closed because of a collapsing ceiling.

Hennepin County shuttered the library at 4310 Webber Pkwy. on July 3 because ceiling tiles buckled and fell while staff and patrons were in the building. No one was hurt.

The library will be closed until engineers can determine the cause of the collapse and the prospects for repairing it. Preliminary indications are that one of the building's walls is settling.

Hennepin County has wanted to build a replacement for the library nearby, but has been stymied by one property owner's unwillingness to sell land on part of the proposed site.

Patrons of the Webber Park Library can visit the North Regional Library at 1315 Lowry Av. N. or the Northeast Library at 2200 Central Av. NE.

Pending requests for books at the Webber Park Library will be automatically changed to North Regional Library.

Rochelle Olson