Now we know where meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas really was headed when driven off the "KARE11 Sunrise" set in that news truck: KSTP-TV.

KSTP's news director Linday Radford announced Friday that Yuhas will become her station's weekend meteorologist starting Sept. 16. "We already had arguably the most experienced weather team in the Twin Cities. By adding Jonathan to the team of Dave Dahl, Ken Barlow and Patrick Hammer, I think everyone will agree our station has made a commitment to weather like no one else."

KARE 11 has recently reassigned Yuhas from the weekday news show to a role as its online and weather-chasing meteorologist. Yuhas was replaced by weekend meteorologist and KARE 11 meteorological star Sven Sundgaard.

Yuhas was the unnamed subject in a blind item in my Thursday column.

At the end of Yuhas' final appearance on "KARE 11 Sunrise," his colleagues did a funny piece that featured them coming outside and sending Yuhas on his way, in a news truck, with some playful parting gifts for his new assignment.

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