In what is becoming a weekly, if not daily occurence, an athlete has apologized for doing absolutely nothing wrong. In this case, it's Jets QB Mark Sanchez. His crime? Eating a hot dog. (Video below). From

Sanchez was the subject of criticism -- and he later issued an apology -- when he was caught on camera Sunday eating a hot dog on the sideline during the Jets' 38-0 victory against the Raiders. ...  "I want to apologize for that," he said. "I wasn't feeling very good and didn't eat much before the game, so I was feeling a little queasy. Toward the end of the game, I probably should have eaten one of those bars or something, but someone offered [a hot dog], so I grabbed it and tried to be discreet about it, but obviously not discreet enough. So I shouldn't have done that, and it won't happen again."

Wait, what? We don't fault Sanchez, who was probably goaded into this apology and turned it into a nice little PR move by donating hot dogs and hamburgers to a food shelf.

But seriously. A man has to apologize for eating when he's hungry? After several hours of intense athletic competition (or at least, against the Raiders, moderate exercise equivalent to riding a bike in a low gear). This offended whom, exactly? People who feel like eating a hot dog somehow constitutes a slap in the face to the Raiders? People who think it detracts from the "seriousness" of the game? GET OVER IT. We feel like we stray toward the sensitive end of things sometimes (see: Gopher, Goldy), but this is ridiculous. Can future apologies such as these be far behind?

*We are sorry for choosing paper over plastic. While it is purported to be a more environmentally friendly choice, we also now understand the needs of plastic bag manufacturers.

*We are sorry for saying the Gophers' offense (hockey or football, pick one) is less savory than the thought of Brad Childress dressed in drag like a flight attendant. Nothing could be worse than that, and we are sorry for suggesting otherwise.

*We apologize for putting on pants when we were cold. We understand some people who blog don't have pants, and we didn't mean to offend them.

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