With lipstick, orange is the new red.

We’re talking real orange, bold orange — not sherbet or coral — that’s perky and playful, new and now. Now, how to wear orange lips?

For advice, we turned to Jon Jordan, makeup artist, image consultant and style editor for WDIV-TV in Detroit. Here’s what he said:

• Orange can be a flattering choice for warmer skin tones, keeping in line with the rule that warm skin tones (such as olive) are complemented by warm cosmetic colors.

• Pale and neutral skin tones can make orange a bold statement. Think of orange as red’s racier sister.

• Orange lipstick is the perfect concept to embrace a hot look for this season: Don’t wear pastel lipstick with spring’s new palette of pastel fashion — it’s way too matchy-matchy. Instead, purposely inject a jolt of bright color into the mix — on your lips or, better yet, in your outfit and on your lips. Wear cobalt and sky blue together in your clothing, then add orange lipstick.

• A small investment in a tube of orange lipstick can add drama and interest and provide an update for everyone.

So, pucker up.