I mentioned this yesterday, but Steven Sandor of the11.ca posted a video of the whole incident that is too good not to share.

To recap, Fort Lauderdale coaches Gunter Kronsteiner and Ricardo Lopes were ejected from Sunday's game in Edmonton for arguing with the referee. The two had to be escorted off the field by the cops, and then things got weird, as they went up to the stands, plopped down amongst the Edmonton supporters, and continued to coach by sending messages to - and in one case calling on the phone - their own bench.

Watch the video below; it is sublime, up to and including the point that the coaches are arguing with the police in the stands of a big-league professional soccer match.

There's no word yet on what punishment, if any, will be meted out for this particular outburst from the coaches; the NASL is being typically tight-lipped about the whole thing.

The shame, I suppose, is that Fort Lauderdale - after being the worst team in the spring season by a mile - had turned things around in the fall, and currently sits just one point out of first. The last thing the Strikers need is a distraction like this, especially with the New York Cosmos coming to town this weekend.