MAY 21

Suspicious situation. Authorities checked on a report of lights on in an empty home in the 12000 block of 15th Street. It was determined a lightning strike had burned out lights on the main floor, opened the garage door and caused the lights upstairs to go on.


MAY 20

Suspicious activity. A group of juveniles were reported running into the woods in the area of Keswick Avenue and Dellwood Road. When the complainant asked them what they were doing they told him "playing hide-and-seek." A deputy checked on their activities. They told him the same but were advised they were on private property and had to leave.

MAY 22

Digging complaint. A homeowner in the 6000 block of 117th Street was concerned that a contractor working for his neighbor had been digging on his property and possibly damaged the health of some of his trees.


MAY 18

Suspicious activity. The owner of a vehicle parked in the 14000 block of Glenbrook Avenue reported a large bolt resting against one of the tires. There was no apparent damage to the vehicle.

MAY 19

Found toddler. A child was reported wandering alone in the area of Education and Emmit Drives. The caller followed the child to a pond where a puppy was playing. A deputy arrived and when he grabbed the puppy the child started walking toward nearby townhouses. A frantic female emerged from one of the townhouses and explained she was the child's mother. She told the deputy the child got out of the house while she was inside cleaning.

MAY 22

Helicopter complaint. A helicopter was reported flying too low in the area of 140th Street and Geneva Avenue. The caller said it did not appear to be a mosquito control helicopter.


MAY 22

Disturbing the peace. A deputy advised a homeowner in the 100 block of Dellwood Square of a complaint about loud music at the residence off and on throughout the day. The homeowner said they'd been at work during the day.


MAY 14

Animal complaint. An officer was unable to catch a pigeon with a clipped wing that had been reported hanging around the loading dock of Skyview Community School, 1100 Heron Av.

MAY 15

Theft. A phone was stolen after its owner set it down to play basketball at Walton Park.


MAY 22

Parking complaint. A deputy threw the drivers of two vehicles out of a park in the 11000 block of Penfield Avenue after they drove onto the walking path.


MAY 18

Suspicious activity. Two kids playing tag came across a man in their tree fort in the 2000 block of Neal Avenue. They returned to the fort with one of their parents but the man was gone. He left some documents apparently related to bomb making along with blankets and other miscellaneous stuff.


MAY 16

Neighbor complaint. Officers responded to a report of loud music in the area of Eyrie Drive and Glen Eagle Road. The source of the music was located at a home in the 2000 block of Eyrie Drive. The homeowner explained his son is in a rock band and they were practicing. He said their set was almost done and there'd be no further problems.

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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.