FEB. 24

Disturbance. A man upset with the city of Afton tried to block attempts to plow the road on Upper 34th Street. He was advised to remain in his residence or get arrested for disorderly conduct.


FEB. 27

Information. A woman came to the Sheriff's Department and told authorities she was hearing voices, both in her home and when she is out and about. She just wanted the information documented.



Snowmobile violation. A deputy observed two snowmobiles riding in a ditch and off the trail near 170th Street and the Hardwood Creek Trail. Both riders were given written warnings for driving where prohibited.


FEB. 26

Suspicious activity. Strange knocking noises were reported at a residence in the 11000 block of 12th Street. It was determined that high winds were making the front storm door slam repeatedly against the home.



Vandalism report. Tires were slashed on a vehicle and its front grill was damaged in the 100 block of Park Avenue. As no other vehicles in the area were damaged, it was suspected the act was part of an ongoing feud.


FEB. 22

Unpermitted gathering on ice. A group of people partying on Big Carnelian Lake were advised by authorities to pick up after themselves and not to race on the lake.

FEB. 24

Down fence/Cows in road. Several loose cows were reported wandering on the road, and hard to see, in the area of Square Lake Trail and Saint Croix Trail. The caretaker of the cows explained to a deputy that some are able to jump the fence but always seem to find their way back home.


FEB. 22

Animal complaint. An officer was sent to the parking lot of Caribou Coffee, on an animal cruelty complaint involving a dog left in a vehicle. The officer found the car with a dog and a child inside. The juvenile said he had been in the vehicle for an hour and a half while waiting for his mother but that he and the dog were warm. The officer contacted his mother inside the coffee shop and she said she would pack up and leave.

FEB. 24

Animal complaint. Someone in the 6900 block of 4th Street reported seeing two coyotes in her back yard. An officer advised her to leave them alone or attempt to haze them with loud noise.

FEB. 26

Theft. The owner's manuals, among other items, was taken overnight from two unlocked vehicles in the 7000 block of 30th Street and the 6900 block of Upper 69th Street.



Ted Foss Move Over Law. The driver of a vehicle on Interstate 94 near Stagecoach Trail was cited for not moving over while two squad cars helped with a semi blocking a lane. The driver explained that he saw the emergency lights and flares but didn't have enough time to move over despite there being three lanes and no other traffic.


FEB. 25

Suspicious circumstances. A dead rabbit was found on top of a snowbank in the 11000 block of Traverse Circle. The caller thought it might have been placed there by someone.

Items are from reports to police and are not a full crime picture.