JAN. 3

Traffic concern. A deputy put up a temporary stop sign after it was blown over in the area of St. Croix Trail and Hwy. 10.


JAN. 1

Suspicious activity. Three juveniles in an SUV were stopped by a deputy after a report that they were taking a street sign in the area of Lake Elmo Avenue and 88th Street. The driver admitted trying to "fix" a stop sign that had been bent.


JAN. 2

Suspicious situation. A person calling for help was reported on Europa Trail Way. At the same time, authorities received a report of a woman falling on ice in the area. She was yelling for about 10 minutes before a neighbor discovered her.

JAN. 5

Suspicious activity. Two males in military fatigues were reported in the 13000 block of Elmcrest Avenue. A deputy found four juveniles who said they were filming a school project. They had Airsoft replica guns with the orange tips covered to look like real weapons. They were advised about firearm safety and the use of replica guns.


JAN. 5

Suspicious activity. Four vehicles were reported parked and occupied for 30 minutes in the 2000 block of Lisbon Avenue Court. A deputy located people entering the vehicles ready to leave the area and found nothing suspicious.


JAN. 1

Theft. An officer responded to a report of a gas drive-off at SuperAmerica, 1015 Geneva Av. A man pumped $30.08 worth of gas into a vehicle and said he didn't have his wallet on him. A photocopy was made of his Wisconsin driver's license and he agreed to return to pay. He didn't return.

JAN. 2

Public assist. A man called police about his son's school bus dropping him off at home and not his baby sitter's. The man said this has happened before and requested criminal charges be brought against the bus company and school district. An officer advised that it wasn't a criminal issue but said he'd follow up with both.

Disturbance. A 61-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct after reportedly becoming upset that the movie playing at Carmike Cinemas, 1188 Helmo Av., shut off before ending. The report said he became verbally abusive, knocking things over and going into the box office and concession areas.

JAN. 6

Theft. A woman stole $130 worth of scratch-off lotto tickets from behind the counter at SuperAmerica, 7570 10th St., while another woman distracted the clerk by asking for help in the rear of the store.


JAN. 4

Traffic stop. A deputy pulled over a vehicle with a broken taillight in the 200 block of Kindross Road. The driver was arrested when it was discovered his license had been suspended, he had no proof of insurance and the vehicle's registration was expired. Also found on him were meth and a pipe.


JAN. 5

Suspicious circumstance/Trespassing. A woman was observed putting items in a duffel bag at Wal-Mart, 10240 Hudson Road Apparently after seeing a police officer in the store the woman dumped out the bag. An officer then approached her and explained why her behavior was suspicious. She signed a trespass form and was escorted out of the store.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.