OCT. 21

Dumping complaint. Someone reported two juveniles dumping trash in the 14000 block of East Oakgreen Circle. The complainant said he confronted the teens, who picked up what they had thrown there.


OCT. 19

Suspicious activity. The Sheriff's Department received a report of a vehicle hit by an apple either thrown or shot from a potato gun in the area of Dellwood Road and Manning Avenue. A deputy checked the area but did not find any suspicious activity.


OCT. 18

Suspicious people. An anonymous caller reported three males were going into a garage in the 5000 block of 148th Street. A deputy located the males, who said they were looking for a friend and went into the wrong garage by mistake. The Sheriff's Department traced the call to the friend the males were looking for. The three were told to be on their way by the deputy.

Suspicious activity. A deputy spoke to two drivers who both called after an incident where they exchanged words near the 6000 block of Goodview Trail Court. The drivers accused each other of inappropriate driving.


OCT. 19

Suspicious activity. A suspicious male was reported hiding in some pine trees near an air-conditioning unit in the area of Wedgewood Drive and Wildwood Road. A deputy located the male and advised him of the complaint. He apologized for scaring anybody and explained he was geocaching and one of the geocaches was behind the air-conditioning unit.

OCT. 23

Suspicious activity. A resident in the 80 block of Dahlia Street was concerned after a man asked who the resident's next-door neighbor was. Authorities contacted the next-door neighbor, who explained the man was interested in selling a chair.


OCT. 17

Suspicious activity. A male and a female were reported digging in a dumpster in the 6900 block of 14th Street at 3:20 a.m. The male told an officer he didn't have permission to be going through the dumpster but there was nothing wrong with it. However, in gaining access, the two had opened up the rear of the dumpster, causing a large amount of items to spill out onto the driveway of the property. There were also items from the dumpster that had been thrown on the yard.

OCT. 21

Assist the public. A resident in the 700 block of Greenway Avenue called police because her newspaper delivery had stopped and she still wanted it. An officer contacted the woman, who said she had already worked it out with the newspaper and didn't need police assistance.


OCT. 18

Found dogs. Two dogs that had been loose in the middle of traffic in the area of Oakhill Road and Oldfield Avenue were contained by a passerby. A deputy contacted Animal Control, which came and picked up the dogs.


OCT. 17

Road rage. A driver reported being cut off by a vehicle on Woodbury Drive near Hudson Road. He said the other driver continually slammed on his brakes and would not let him pass. When he finally did he said the other driver yelled and pointed at him with what appeared to be a metal object, possibly a gun.

Items are selected from police reports and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.