AUG. 23

Suspicious activity. A resident of the 14000 block of Valley Creek Trail thought someone had shot a turkey in his back yard. He reported sitting on his back porch watching 15-20 turkeys feeding in his yard and then hearing a loud thud and seeing one turkey drop dead. An inspection of the dead bird revealed no wounds. The resident was advised to dispose of the bird.


AUG. 24

Suspicious incident. Someone in the 12000 block of 40th Street reported hearing a shot nearby. A deputy checked with a neighbor who said he was working on an old car and it backfired.


AUG. 31

Traffic violation. A deputy stopped at the four-way stop intersection at Dellwood Road and Manning Avenue, where there is also a red light flashing above, observed a bicyclist ride through the intersection without stopping. The cyclist told the deputy he didn't see the sign. He was given a citation.


AUG. 24

Vehicle/canoe accident. A canoe flew off the top of a vehicle and hit another vehicle on Hwy. 36 at Keats Avenue. There were no injuries.


AUG. 28

Suspicious bicyclist. Someone concerned about recent vehicle break-ins by a suspect on a bicycle in the area of Birchwood Road and Jay Street reported seeing a 50-year-old cyclist with gray hair, a beard and wearing a helmet. The complainant was advised that the man didn't match the description police had for the break-in suspect. A deputy checked the area anyway but was unable to locate the cyclist.


AUG. 19

Road hazard. An officer was dispatched to the 1900 block of Helmo Avenue on a report of people blocking the road. The officer determined people had gathered for a prayer service. He asked them to move off the road and they obliged.

AUG. 26

Suspicious activity. An employee of Northern Metal Recycling in St. Paul called police after receiving a copper statue of a boy fishing. The employee had determined the statue was reported stolen from the 2300 block of Grospoint Avenue. The statue was held for investigation.

AUG. 27

Theft. Police stopped the driver who had pumped 10.1 gallons of gas at Super America, 7570 10th St., and left without paying. The driver, whose license was suspended, explained he had forgotten to pay for the gas. He called a friend to drive him back to pay. He was cited for driving after suspension.


AUG. 24

Suspicious situation. Police received a call from someone who saw a tent pitched off the trail in the area of 110th Street and Arcola Avenue. The tent was gone when the area was checked.


AUG. 24

Road rage incident. A man told police he accidentally cut off a motorcyclist in the area of Valley Creek Road and Woodbury Drive. The man told police the motorcyclist then pulled up beside him several times yelling at him to get out of his car. The motorcyclist also kicked the man's driver side door several times while riding alongside.

AUG. 28

Pest concern. A resident in the 700 block of Winterberry Drive called police about a large beehive near his driveway. An officer provided him with numbers to area pest control companies.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.